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A Word From Ken

​Over the years I have worked with people from all walks of life and all levels of health & fitness. I've coached young athletes working toward professional sports, seniors wanting to maintain their vitality and persons with disabilities who wish to increase mobility & function. Each person’s needs & abilities are unique and I always look forward to discovering and bringing out the talents within each new student.

​I offer a culmination of over 20 years’ practice, research and collaboration and will stop at nothing to bring each of my students the very best training methods & tools the world has to offer. I want to make the journey toward your goals unstoppable!

Ken Malmstrom

In 2013, Ken volunteered his time, labour and expertise to the York Region Food Network’s Upstream Aquaponics project.

When Steven Looi introduced the idea of aquaponics and how easy it is to grow local organic food I jumped on board immediately.   

Aquaponics uses a closed loop system to grow fresh, local, organic produce year round.  It differs from hydroponics in that the grow media is water, carrying nutrients from an integrated fish tank.  

This system requires very little input and provides local residents who depend on the York Region Food Network with high quality organic vegetables!

Your time, your space, your trainer. 

Since 1994.

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Meet Ken

The first thing you should know about Ken is that he is extremely passionate about health and wellness.  Over 20 years ago Ken started Fitness 101  pioneering in-home personal training & nutrition in Ontario. ​He has made it his life’s work to help each of his students reach optimal health & fitness.

As he says ``There is no greater gift than good health! I don't mean just the absence of sickness, but an energetic, capable, thriving body - one that allows you to live your life and follow your dreams without undue limitations``.

This is what he wants for himself and for his students.  His life is dedicated to living well and sharing that with everyone he meets. It`s not  just his job, it s his life.

​Get ready for your in-boxing! He will bring out the best in you!

-Stefanie Herron,

H. Dip. Acupuncture, Personal Trainer

Extracurricular Activities

When I`m not sharing with my students, I am working on projects that actively support my beliefs. Here's a little of what I get up to.

fitness barrie ontario

In 2009 Ken decided to take an idea and turn it into reality with the Praxis– an easy to use, lightweight fitness product.  The Praxisis a door anchoring system for exercise bands. In its pre-prototype form, it was a tool Ken devised, built and used with his own students.  

With the inspiration and encouragement of those students, Praxis Everywhere was officially launched in 2010 at the Can Fit Pro international fitness convention.  From there it has been featured at big box retailers such as Fitness Depot and the Treadmill Factory.  

In addition, Praxishas consistently been part of the annual Primal Blueprint Challenge at the world’s #3 ranking alternative health website, Mark’s Daily Apple. 



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Serving Innisfil, Barrie and surrounding area.

Your time, your space, your trainer   Since 1994.

​​​​In Home Personal Training   -   Nutritional Coaching   -   Grocery Gathering   -   Cooking Demos